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Widemouth Squeeze Bottle Clear 32OZ

Code: E2248
Clear Widemouth Squeeze Bottle - Condiment table service and stylistic plating designs are a breeze with the Tablecraft 3263C 32 oz. clear Widemouth and wide cone tip squeeze bottle with 63mm opening!
Size: 32OZ
Colour: Clear

Product Details

Widemouth Squeeze Bottle Clear 32OZ

Clear Widemouth Squeeze Bottle -This bottle's versatile, simple design is ideal for both back-of-house and front-of-house applications. It's the perfect container for salad dressings, house-made sauces, oils, and vinegar, or even the classic mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise trio. It's also ideal for drizzling chocolate and caramel sauces on your signature drinks or desserts. The cone tip opening allows for ample drizzle, but if you want a heavier pour then the tip is easy to trim. Made of durable yet flexible plastic, this bottle is easy to squeeze and allows for fast application of condiments. The 63mm widemouth opening makes it easy to clean and fill. Unlike condiment pump dispensers, it gives you and your customers complete control over the amount of topping applied.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer Bunzl McLaughlin