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6945 Aquarius Folded Hand Towel Dispenser

Code: C01743
Create a hygienic and stylish washroom with this sleek, white Aquarius™ folded towel dispenser. Smooth design for one-wipe-clean and single sheet dispensing for a hygienic washroom. The overfilling device helps minimise jamming, wastage and costs.
Colour: White

Product Details

6945 Aquarius Folded Hand Towel Dispenser

Create a hygienic and coordinated washroom experience with the Aquarius™ dispenser range, designed to work in perfect harmony with the trusted and familiar Kleenex® and Scott® brands. These washroom dispensers are designed to support hygiene standards and deliver a consistent washroom hygiene solution suited to your workplace hygiene needs. Our Aquarius™ folded hand towel dispenser pairs innovation and style with exceptional performance. This paper hand towel dispenser has a sleek and smooth rounded design with no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene. The fully enclosed dispenser system ensures you only touch the product you use to help support high hygiene standards in the workplace. The high capacity of this paper hand towel dispenser helps to ensure there‘s always product available. Refilling the dispenser is simple and the hassle-free maintenance keeps costs down in areas of heavy use. Jamming, wastage and costs are minimised by the unique, patented overfilling device of this hand towel dispenser, which is also designed to ensure a smooth dispensing experience. This folded paper towel dispenser delivers single sheet interfold hand towels, also known as V fold hand towels. This hand towel format helps to reduce overuse. The Aquarius™ folded hand towel dispenser also features a hidden lock for refilling and a window to help you anticipate the towels running out. Our touch free dispensers reduce the risk of cross contamination. The white Aquarius™ folded paper hand towel dispenser is also available in black (code 7171), to suit all washrooms. This commercial paper towel dispenser measures 39.9cm (L) x 26.5cm (W) x 13.6cm (D). The Kimberly-Clark dispenser is compatible with a variety of Kleenex® and Scott® folded hand towels from Kimberly-Clark, recommended: 6710, 6659, 6663, 6669, 6677, 6682, 6778, 6789, 3749, 4632. It is also compatible with: 6633, 6647, 6649, 6664, 6689, 6764, 6771, 6772, 6773, 6777, 7979.

Manufacturer Details

Manufacturer Bunzl McLaughlin
Manufacturer Code .