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Cleanline Acid Toliet Descaler 1 Litre
Code: N05017B
Cleanline Acid Toilet Descaler is a fast-acting sulphamic acid based daily cleaner and descaler suitable for use on toilets, urinals and other ceramic surfaces.
Size: 1 Litre
Case of 6
€13.32 exc. VAT  
€16.12 inc. VAT

Product Details
Cleanline Acid Toliet Descaler 1 Litre

• Can be used as a daily cleaner or with extended contact time for more effective descaling. • The sulphamic acid formula makes this two-in-one solution extremely effective at tackling stubborn stains and removing limescale build-up. • Helps protect toilets, urinals and ceramic surfaces against long-term damage caused by limescale. • Simple and easy to apply with an angled neck 1 litr e bottle helping reach right under the toilet rim. Case: 6x1L

Manufacturer Details
Manufacturer Cleanline
Manufacturer Cleanline
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