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Winterhalter UC-ME Glasswasher
Code: UC-ME1
The Winterhalter commercial undercounter dishwasher. Compact. Dependable.
Size: 600 x 617 x 810MM
Colour: Metallic
€6,746.10 exc. VAT  
€8,162.78 inc. VAT

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Product Details
Winterhalter UC-ME Glasswasher

‘UC Series’ Glasswashers. • 3 wash cycles depending on type of glassware: • Heavy duty (e.g. pint beer glasses) 1min 25secs. • Standard (e.g. juice glasses) 1min 50secs. • Delicate (e.g. wine glasses) 2mins 50secs. • Integral water softener as option. • Power: 4.2kw, single phase (cold fill supply).

Manufacturer Details
Manufacturer Winterhalter