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Artisan is a beautiful new tableware range that combines shape, texture and colour in a way that is designed to elevate and enhance the entire dining experience. Inspired by the hand-thrown style of pottery design studios, Artisan offers something unique.
It combines the look of a hand-crafted product with the strength, consistency and durability of tableware that has been produced by a truly world-class manufacturing process. This ensures that Artisan is every bit as practical as it is beautiful. Artisan is designed with strength and durability at it’s heart.
We stand behind this strength by offering a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty with all plates, bowls, oval dishes, saucers, cups and mugs.

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Size 23CM, Colour Grey

Size 27.5CM, Colour Black

Size 21CM, Colour Black

Size 19CM, Colour Black

Size 16CM, Colour Black

Size 1.8OZ, Colour Black

Size 23CM, Colour Black

Size 7.5OZ, Colour Black

Size 20CL, Colour Black

Size 15CM, Colour Black

Size 28CL, Colour Black

Size 32CM, Colour Cream

Size 27.5CM, Colour Cream

Size 19CM, Colour Cream

Size 1.8OZ, Colour Cream

Size 23CM, Colour Cream

Size 20CL, Colour Cream

Size 15CM, Colour Cream

Size 27.5CM, Colour Grey

Size 21CM, Colour Grey
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33 Products found

Show 100